Outreach Programme

Our Outreach Programme focuses on providing therapy and support to children with disabilities and their families in our community. These children are at home, in mainstream creches or schools, attending special schools in other parts of the Western Cape or have high-risk medical and care needs.

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These children and their families become part of the Early Intervention Programme or the Inclusive Education Programme. We bring them into our Therapy Centre for group or individual therapy sessions working on their developmental, academic, communication and social skills. Our therapists also visit children and families in their own homes.

Our Community Development Manager visits high-risk families to assist with social challenges, grant applications and to provide much needed emotional support.

Parents and carers of these children, many of whom are grandparents, attend regular parent support groups and evening workshops. These events provide families with information and skills to manage their children’s medical and care needs as well as safe space to interact and share with other parents who are facing similar challenges in caring for their disabled children.

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Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.

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Children impacted by Sabrina Love

Family members impacted

Therapeutic interventions

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Nutritious meals provided

* Stats & figures for 2023

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